Speaker Profile

Jan Ravelingien
Partner / Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners, Belgium

Jan Ravelingien is a Belgian lawyer active in market practices, intellectual property and advertising. His firm is a recognized leader in these fields and is a Belgian member of Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance. Mr. Ravelingien’s advisory work includes the creation, production and airing of advertising, marketing and promotion material across all media, interactive technology and consumer-generated content, social and digital media, profiling, unsolicited messages and e-commerce. Intellectual property and fair trade practices, packaging, labelling, trade dress and other product compliance and safety issues make up his considerable litigation experience. Additionally, Jan’s daily work entails promotion marketing, co-branding, substantiation and cutting-edge marketing techniques (word of mouth, viral, branded content, behavioral targeting, wireless devices, interactive and innovative promotional programs); drafting/negotiating agency/client agreements, sponsorship, event marketing, production, license agreements for music and other rights, media purchase, web development, digital media, interactive and technology; privacy policies and data protection compliance; and also disclosure requirements, comparative claims, substantiation, ingredients, REACH, health claims, nutritional labeling, beverages, co-packing and bottling, food safety regulation, recalls and food contamination.