Speaker Profile

Brent Sanders
Associate General Counsel / Microsoft Corporation

Brent Sanders is an assistant general counsel with Microsoft Corporation, where he leads the legal teams supporting the Windows and Devices Product Marketing Group and the Global Advertising, Media, Brand and Research team. He is responsible for the legal management of Microsoft’s global advertising and marketing campaigns and Microsoft’s primary agency relationships. Mr. Sanders and his legal team provide corporate-wide oversight of Microsoft’s advertising and marketing, product packaging, PR, contests, sweepstakes and promotions. Additionally, his team oversees the marketing support for Windows and Microsoft’s devices business, including Xbox, Surface and HoloLens. Brent is actively involved in self-regulatory efforts and new legislative developments that impact the advertising community. He is the chair of the Commission on Marketing and Advertising of the International Chamber of Commerce and a member of the ANA Legal Affairs Committee. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mr. Sanders was a partner in the Seattle office of Perkins Coie LLP, where he advised clients on legal matters related to intellectual property, advertising and promotions. Brent received his Juris Doctor from Pierce Law, his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Victoria and his Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary.