Speaker Profile

Shelby Saville
President / Spark Foundry

In her position as Spark Foundry’s president of digital solutions, Shelby Saville plays a leadership role in operations and all investment disciplines. Among her many responsibilities, Ms. Saville is charged with ensuring digital, data and content are integrated across all platforms and audiences. Known throughout the industry as an innovator in digital strategy, she is constantly challenging current digital models in an effort to achieve better integration with other media channels. Shelby is dedicated to fostering a culture of flexibility by promoting beta-testing and consumer-focused campaign management that can change instantaneously, much like today’s consumer. Currently, her work is garnering industry attention for advancements in video that allow consumers to better control and customize their experience and more effectively interact with advertisers. Respected by her colleagues, partners and clients alike, Shelby has garnered numerous accolades, including an honor in the prestigious “Adweek 50” list of professionals who are “indispensable to their companies and wield influence across the advertising industry.”