Speaker Profile

Ruben Schreurs
Chief Executive Officer / Digital Decisions

Ruben Schreurs is Chief Executive Officer at Digital Decisions, a media and technology consulting firm headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in London, Tokyo and New York (2020). He started his career in media around 10 years ago at programmatic trading desks, leading the European deployment of leading DSPs at the trading outfits. He started consulting from a desire to improve the industry, which was – and still is – riddled with issues that damage trust, creativity, and economies. Digital expert first, consultant second, he is dedicated to clean up the industry and spends all his time building the firm to do so effectively at scale. Digital Decisions provides Source Data Monitoring services to its global advertiser client-base, delivering a single source of truth for global media and procurement professionals. The firm commits a significant part of its resources to partnerships with industry associations such as the WFA, releasing a Data Processing Agreement template for advertisers and deploying the global Digital Media Benchmark initiative together with the WFA in 2019.