Speaker Profile

Lisa Brown Shosteck
Director, EEC, Privacy Shield Program Administrator, Accountability & Ethics / ANA

Lisa serves as the Director, for the ANA Email Experience Council. EEC’s mission is to promote the effective and ethical use of email marketing through thought leadership, education and networking to drive excellence in email marketing and foster a sense of community among email marketing professionals hailing from brands, service providers, and agencies. She oversees the EEC Board and Subcommittees that serve under the Board to set and execute priority projects while managing member and sponsor benefits; EEC’s website; event promotions and email communications including the biweekly EEC e-newsletter.

Additionally, Lisa is a senior marketing privacy and compliance professional with nearly 20 years of experience. She works with dedicated volunteers on the ANA’s Ethics Committees to educate, mediate and promote ethical business standards by providing learning and networking opportunities in the marketing community; developing industry and consumer compliance and educational tools that comply with applicable federal laws, regulations and Guidelines, including the ANA Privacy Shield Program; and crafting strategic initiatives designed to reinforce consumer confidence in the power of industry to self-regulate effectively.