Speaker Profile

Tom Smith
Group Managing Director / mcgarrybowen

Tom Smith is a Group Managing Director at mcgarrybowen with over 16 years of agency experience. He spent his first 8 years rising the ranks at Element 79 working across fast-paced and high volume retail and wireless accounts, as well as leading integrated campaigns for PepsiCo global brands like Tropicana and new product launches like Propel.

Tom then made the move to mcgarrybowen, where he’s spent the last 8 years breathing new life into iconic food brands like Oscar Mayer, Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, Planters, and Miracle Whip. Tom’s passion for constantly finding fresh ways to connect these classic brands to culture today has led to incredibly successful campaigns and activations. From putting the Wienermobile up for lease on twitter, to busting down the walls of social media with Kool-Aid Man, Tom has helped drive these brands into the hearts, minds, and social feeds of consumers today.

Tom is a graduate of Northwestern University, and currently lives only a few miles away in Wilmette with his wife Heather, twin boys Holt and Sawyer, and daughter Eloise.