Speaker Profile

Daniel Stein
Chief Executive Officer / EVB

Daniel founded Evolution Bureau 18 years ago during the dot-com era on the idea of “what’s next.”  A self-proclaimed “stagna-phobe” Daniel is terrified of standing still, which explains his position at the helm of EVB, a company behind innovative, integrated brand campaigns, seen by billions of consumers, for industry giants like Pernod Ricard, Wrigley’s, Adidas, JCPenney, Facebook, Microsoft and more.

Daniel’s love of pushing the boundaries of advertising led EVB to the cannabis space four years ago, with the notion that the future of cannabis branding will be determined by the people who understand how to scale regulated industries into culture. Since then EVB has invested in understanding and embracing the cannabis space, navigating the continuously changing rules and regulations, and providing strategic support, business guidance and creative inspiration to top players and emerging brands in the space. EVB always strives to be what Daniel calls “next year’s agency” — the go-to source for ideas that transcend traditional media models and connect with consumers in effective new ways.