Speaker Profile

Alicia Tillman
Global Chief Marketing Officer / SAP

Alicia Tillman is responsible for curating and accelerating the company’s worldwide marketing strategy and furthering its brand recognition. A purpose-driven marketer, she is committed to telling the authentic SAP story and demonstrating how the company’s innovative solutions are powering social, economic, and environmental change through its community of customers.

Since assuming the role, Ms. Tillman has led a factory reset on the organization’s global messaging strategy. She developed and launched the “Best Run” campaign and reinvigorated the brand narrative in April 2018. This messaging framework now serves as the bedrock for SAP’s global marketing initiatives. Her efforts have elevated SAP’s international recognition, raising the company’s brand ranking four spots across several independent organizations.

Ms. Tillman has been recognized as a leading CMO, ranked number 29 on Forbes’ Most Influential CMO list in 2018. Previously, she was the CMO at SAP Ariba. During her tenure, the business achieved double-digit revenue growth for eight consecutive quarters. She also spent 11 years at American Express as the head of marketing and business services, among other positions.