Speaker Profile

Xavier Turpin
Director, Multicultural Marketing / Dunkin' Brands, Inc.

In June 2012, Xavier Turpin began serving as director of multicultural marketing at Dunkin’ Brands Inc. Since taking the leadership reigns of the multicultural efforts at Dunkin’, he has noticeably affected the company’s marketing efforts by elevating the company’s focus on targeting the various multicultural groups, with an emphasis on Hispanic as the largest growing demographic and greatest opportunity for corporate growth. Understanding how America’s face is changing to a more diverse profile nationwide, Mr. Turpin spearheaded the effort to embed an Inclusion Model and a Total Market Practice throughout the entire marketing organization. His success has garnered the respect of executives at Dunkin’ and allowed him to quadruple initial multicultural marketing budgets. Mr. Turpin brings to Dunkin’ a diverse experience that extends more than 25 years developing and successfully executing international and multicultural strategies. His comprehensive executive experience ranges from strategic business planning to all aspects of marketing: from new product development to digital and social media. He has led emerging markets initiatives for leading companies like Vertis, Makita, Bellota/Corona and Fiskars. He actively participates in the Association of National Advertisers as a member of the Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Committee where he frequently participates as a speaker, panelist or judge. He is also an industry collaborator in defining Total Market Practice.