Speaker Profile

Ron Urbach
Partner & Co-Chair, Advertising and Marketing / Davis+Gilbert LLP

Ron Urbach has been a firsthand participant in the history and recent explosive growth of the advertising and marketing ecosystem — and the laws that apply to it. He advises marketing-driven clients in every sector and subsector, helping them successfully navigate legal issues with practical business solutions.

In the course of his career, Ron has seen industries and marketing practices emerge and adapt as technologies, regulatory frameworks and consumer needs change. This makes him a savvy guide, especially to companies that push the boundaries of business and law. Whether drafting agreements, handling challenges — governmental, competitor or consumer — or as an astute adviser, his unique perspective and ability to evaluate business risk in unsettled legal environments are indispensable to his clients.

To Ron, the law is more a tool than a restraint — it’s a means of moving his clients forward in practical and efficient ways. His clients credit him with speaking their language, with thinking like they do, and with appreciating the nuances of their business and the complexities of their markets. They see him as someone with a gift for translating arcane legal concepts and new regulatory schemes into actionable business advice.
Known as a key participant working with agencies, brands, media companies, online platforms and consumer-driven businesses of every stripe, Ron stays in front of the developments and innovations that drive their industries. In a field so dynamic and fast-moving, he takes it upon himself to see around corners and to ferret out the next opportunity — or threat — his clients will have to face.

In working with clients and sectors so intensely and completely, Ron provides a holistic view of the legal and business issues that are often intertwined. Taking a solutions-first attitude, Ron helps clients achieve their business goals as he resolves their legal issues. Seeing beyond the law and the legal task while thinking and feeling like a client is a hallmark of Ron’s practice.