Speaker Profile

Luis Vivoni
Attorney at Law / Vivoni Law Firm

Luis Vivoni was born, raised and educated in Puerto Rico. Did his college years in the University of Puerto Rico and obtained his J.D. form the Interamerican University School of Law in 2004. By September 2007 he opted to go solo starting his own firm and that’s when Vivoni Law Office, LLC. (“VLO”) was born. With a B.B.A. in Marketing, it was not long before a niche was identified and by 2008 VLO was already providing legal advice to BBDO Puerto Rico and working with high profile clients including MARS, Frito Lay, PepsiCo and Gatorade. Today the list includes Walgreen Co., Ford Motor Company, JWT, Toyota, Mondelez, among others. 

Luis Vivoni is part of the most important association in Puerto Rico for the Sales and Marketing Industry members, the Puerto Rico Sales & Marketing Executives Association (“SME”). With the SME Mr. Vivoni has offered various workshops to local marketing power players in topics such as Children Marketing, Ambush Marketing, Green Marketing and Sweepstakes and Contests. Vivoni is also an active member of the former Promotion Marketing Association (“PMA”), then Brand Activation Association (“BAA”) that recently joined forces the Association of National Advertisers (“ANA”). Part of this involvement includes participating in the association’s four most recent Marketing Law Conferences (now in 2014 the fifth) expanding his network internationally to the point of having already partnered with European firms to assist some of VLO’s local clients.

Mr. Vivoni has been actively involved in the development process for the enactment of local regulation participating in public hearings regarding sweepstakes as well as regulation against false advertising and deceitful practices. His involvements in all stages of these two areas, from plain counseling to active litigation gives the firm a solid reputation locally as well as in the mainland U.S. when Puerto Rico related Marketing Law issues are the topic at hand. Today VLO has strong and comprehensive experience built by the works performed for renowned companies in industries such as Banking, Pharmacy, Food and Beverage, Insurance, Music, Consumer Goods, Apparel, and others. Vivoni’s vision is to use his firm as an economic growth tool in favor of the island. As VLO gets more involved with foreign companies with interest to do business locally, the breach closes and the still existing uncertainty to extend promotional efforts (mainly due to plain misconceptions) will eventually disappear. Understanding the local regulator bodies and the regulation itself, the local consumer behavior, as well as the local ways to make things happen, is one of VLO strongest assets.