Speaker Profile

Steve Wasik

As a college intern at Richardson-Vicks in Wilton, Connecticut, Steve Wasik decided what he wanted to do for a living: brand management. His first job out of grad school was with Cadbury Schweppes; and if you can learn how to market Clamato, you can market any product!

After Cadbury, Mr. Wasik quickly moved from brand management into general management as he successfully built several brands and business from Naya Spring Water ($30 million to $110 million) to Bourjois/Chanel cosmetics (from zero to $14 million) to SIGG Swiss Reusable Bottles ($1 million to $35 million). Steve boldly challenged category norms in building these brands into category leaders. For the last two years, he has been the CEO for VKTRY Gear, an exciting startup in the sports world. Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, VKTRY Performance Insoles have been independently tested to improve athletic explosiveness (+9.3%). Additionally, experts in the field of sports medicine believe “VKs” can reduce sports injuries due to added support, stability and shock absorption. It’s no wonder that VKs are being used by athletes at over 120 pro and college teams such as the Patriots, Eagles, Saints, Titans, Red Sox, Yankees, Astros, Duke, UConn, Auburn, LSU and Ohio State.