Speaker Profile

Rueben Webb
Executive Creative Director / Stein IAS

Reuben has fighting for business-to-business creative standards for almost 20 years. Every creative award his team has won was hard fought against an assumption that business-to-business creative has to be dull and ordinary. Reuben decided to get even with the abominable no-man and cliché addicts with 101 Clichés – a widely acclaimed book and website which highlight the most serially offensive ideas in a bid to eliminate creative faux pas forever. 

Having forged a reputation for continually pushing the boundaries of uncompromising originality and creativity, Reuben has taken great strides toward dispelling the myth that business-to-business creativity is dull and ordinary. He leads global teams to enhance a wide range of industries that include engineering, tech and waste management.

Reuben has pioneered the business-to-business creative process by introducing to the market the concept of the Big Long Idea – ideas big enough to speak to all stakeholders in all media, but long enough to fuel the buyer’s journey with inspiring content that generates demand.