Speaker Profile

Ted Yun
Assistant Vice President, Creative & Brand/ USAA

o Ted Yun is the Head of Creative at USAA’s award-winning, full-capability in-house agency (headquartered in San Antonio, TX), a fact that he is still periodically surprised by.

A number of years ago, Ted unexpectedly found himself in Texas when the Air Force assigned his wife to her medical residency there. Little did he know - as they were getting ready to leave Connecticut for what seemed a foreign land at the time - he would one day be proud to call himself a San Antonian and father of 3 native Texans.

Ted also did not think that he would last long in a “corporate” setting… but within a year of being at USAA, he was convinced by the power of committing to a purpose-driven brand. Many years later, he is a believer and champion of the in-house model, and his passion to create communications for and about the military community has only grown.

And the Air Force thing worked out too… Ted is (still) the proud spouse of an Air Force doc – a Colonel now, over 20 years in with no signs of slowing down – currently serving as the Deputy Commander for all Medical Services at Brooke Army Medical Center.