Anne Field

Anne Field writes about business, with an emphasis on marketing, small business, social entrepreneurship, and supply chain management. Field has contributed to dozens of websites and publications, including the New York Times, Forbes, Crain's New York Business, and Chief Investment Officer.

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  • How to Resonate with the LGBTQ+ Community

    ANA Magazine   February 24, 2023  

    As the LGBTQ+ community wields growing purchasing power, brands and organizations need to create marketing and advertising campaigns that are inclusive and acknowledge ongoing and dramatic changes in gender identity. While there's been progress in LGBTQ+ representation in advertising, significant gaps remain.

  • It's a New Dawn for Sleep Marketing

    ANA Magazine   August 12, 2022  

    While one in three Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, consumers remain skeptical about the benefits of devices designed to help people get a better night's rest. To assuage concerns, marketers are moving their focus to how sleep tech can help in improving one's overall health.

  • Back-to-School Season Offers a Challenging Course for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   July 8, 2022  

    The upcoming school year will be tricky for brands to navigate. On the one hand, there's a sense of newness as kids return to in-class learning full-time, with expectations for that to continue uninterrupted, for the first time since COVID-19 hit two-plus years ago. On the other, there are major headwinds from soaring prices, with shoppers combating the worst inflation in 40 years and the Consumer Price Index hitting in 8.6 percent in May.

  • Connecting to Gen Z Purposefully

    Greater Good   June 20, 2022  

    An environmental activist, social entrepreneur, and artist, 22-year-old Maya Penn has already launched a sustainable fashion brand and a related nonprofit organization, among other noteworthy accomplishments. She shares her perspective on how brands can best weave purpose into their business and speak to the concerns of gen Z.

  • Constructive Capitalism

    Greater Good   November 22, 2021  

    Through activism, home-grown fair trade supply chains, and organic products, soapmaker Dr. Bronner’s stays true to its founder’s legacy.

  • Marketers Greet the Metaverse

    ANA Magazine   November 12, 2021  

    Originally the stuff of science fiction, the metaverse is on the verge of reality. Companies are taking an incremental approach to entering what is a very complex universe for brands — and people — to navigate.

  • Hotels and Resorts Check Out New Ways to Appeal to Consumers

    ANA Magazine   October 22, 2021  

    The hospitality sector is finding unique ways to overcome the ongoing adversity caused by the pandemic. With most Americans keen to travel to places within driving distance, boutique brands are plugging destinations that are easily accessible by car. The major hotel chains, suffering even severer losses, are catering to existing customers and touting loyalty programs.

  • For Love of Fundraising

    The Nonprofit Journal   October 20, 2021  

    This year, three giants of nonprofit fundraising — and past winners of the Max Hart Nonprofit Achievement Award — retired. Larry May (2007 winner), Kelly B. Browning (2008), and Susan Loth (2017), who exemplified the professionalism, leadership, and innovation throughout their careers, share insights on their remarkable journeys and offer some advice to the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

  • A Recipe for Employment

    Greater Good   October 18, 2021  

    Determined to put the company's unique hiring model on the map and increase job opportunities for people facing employment barriers, Greyston Bakery CEO Joseph Kenner is breaking down barriers and driving change.

  • Marketers Tout the Return of In-Person Events

    ANA Magazine   August 20, 2021  

    As people start to venture out to live events — even as concerns grow about the Delta variant — consumer-facing brands are looking to strike the right tone in their advertising efforts for in-person events.

  • Fighting Poverty Sustainably

    Greater Good   June 14, 2021  

    The mission of the outdoor company Cotopaxi is to combine eco-friendly products with fair labor practices and poverty alleviation. It’s infused throughout the operation, in everything from how the company sources material for its colorful fluorescent backpacks, sweaters, jackets, and other gear to its product-design process.