Chris Warren

Chris Warren has written about everything from the best jazz clubs in Tokyo to B2B marketing. A former editor at Los Angeles magazine, Warren has contributed to National Geographic Traveler, Institutional Investor, and the Los Angeles Times, among many other publications.

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  • What Retail Media Networks Have in Store for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   September 8, 2023  

    Two-thirds of companies viewed retail media as a sales driver, but only 12 percent used it to build their brand, according to a new survey. Only 31 percent said it was a valuable marketing tool right now. The lack of consistent and industrywide measurement on the effectiveness of retail media investments is one reason brands remain cool to the market.

  • Can In-House Agencies Do It All?

    ANA Magazine   July 21, 2023  

    Not all in-house agencies will stop working with external agencies altogether. But a recent ANA study shows that in-house agencies continue to increase their clout and companies are working with fewer external agencies as a result. In fact, the study predicts that 85 to 90 percent of member companies will ultimately have in-house agencies handling some aspect of their marketing activities.

  • What Do CFOs Want from CMOs?

    ANA Magazine   June 2, 2023  

    As difficult as it may be when it comes to aligning marketing with financial outcomes, there is a path for CMOs and CFOs to have a more productive relationship.

  • B2B Marketers Face Increasing Pressure to Prove Their Worth

    B2B Marketer   April 26, 2023  

    A recent study coproduced by Chief Marketer and One Trust presents a bit of dichotomy for B2B firms: Although marketers are being tasked with taming their budgets, nearly 80 percent of the study's respondents said their budgets were either increasing or staying the same this year.

  • Ramping Up College Recruitment Efforts

    ANA Magazine   March 31, 2023  

    As the marketing industry continues its digitalization, universities and colleges offer pools of talent steeped in digital communication that show little interest in marketing. What can brands do to avoid being the odd man out on campus?

  • The Curtain Rises for Livestreaming

    ANA Magazine   February 10, 2023  

    After first gaining popularity in China, livestream shopping is growing fast in the U.S., with the market expected to reach $32 billion this year, nearly double compared to 2022. Conversion rates are also on the upswing. As they ramp up their investments in livestreaming, it's key for brand managers to develop programming that will both entertain viewers and mesh with other marketing channels.

  • Growth of Influencer Marketing Brings New Rewards, Raises Tough Questions

    ANA Magazine   January 20, 2023  

    Spending on influencer marketing is expected to grow to $6.1 billion in 2023 and $7.1 billion in 2024, per Insider Intelligence. But as the market expands, brand managers are starting to ask tougher questions about the advantages — and drawbacks — of using influencers to help boost engagement efforts and land new customers.

  • Will CMOs Face New Pressure to Prove Their Worth?

    ANA Magazine   December 9, 2022  

    As companies began to double down on their online marketing efforts due to the pandemic, newly hired CMOs were able to command higher salaries. But the calculus for CMO pay may be changing, as companies face a possible recession.

  • For More Marketers, 'Black History Month' Goes Beyond a Point in Time

    ANA Magazine   November 11, 2022  

    With Black History Month around the corner, a growing number of brands are moving beyond a four-week window tied to the celebration to forge deeper relationships with Black-owned businesses and Black communities. The efforts range from hands-on training to help companies go to market faster to making people aware of rapidly changing demographics in the U.S.

  • Agency Account Reviews Are Increasing

    ANA Magazine   October 14, 2022  

    The pandemic jolted many brands into beefing up their digital marketing and some into switching their ad agencies. But while the tumult caused by COVID-19 has subsided, the pace of account reviews has only accelerated.

  • Fighting Digital Ad Fraud Is Getting More Complicated

    ANA Magazine   September 21, 2022  

    Fraud in digital advertising remains an issue, and while the exact scale of the problem is a matter of dispute, there's widespread agreement that as the market grows, so will the need for brands to take an active role in protecting their investments.