Chris Warren

Chris Warren has written about everything from the best jazz clubs in Tokyo to B2B marketing. A former editor at Los Angeles magazine, Warren has contributed to National Geographic Traveler, Institutional Investor, and the Los Angeles Times, among many other publications.

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  • The Race Is On for Retail Advertising

    ANA Magazine   December 24, 2021  

    Retail media advertising is helping major brands keep pace with consumers who have shifted a lot of their spending to e-commerce amid the pandemic. But the market may be in danger from oversaturation and issues with data privacy.

  • Brands Offer Consumers an Escape from the Mundane

    ANA Magazine   November 24, 2021  

    A growing number of consumers are looking for an escape from the familiar as they start to venture out and the pandemic starts to wane. Some niche brands are responding to the call by touting the unique experiences they have to offer while encouraging consumers to unplug from their digital devices.

  • Marketers Join the Fight Against Climate Change

    ANA Magazine   October 25, 2021  

    The escalating threat posed by climate change has prompted some of the globe’s largest brands to take steps to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As they bolster their sustainability efforts, marketers must strike a delicate balance between communicating how they’re helping to improve the environment and keeping the focus on the benefits of their products and services.

  • How to Win Back Lapsed Donors

    The Nonprofit Journal   October 20, 2021  

    From communicating more frequently to using marketing tactics that inform and connect to getting back to basics, it takes an all-out effort to prevent valuable donors from lapsing.

  • The Future of Influencer Marketing Features More Integration

    ANA Magazine   September 10, 2021  

    Engaging with influencers has gone well beyond traditional brand partnerships. As companies develop their influencer marketing strategies, nuance will be a key ingredient moving forward.

  • Marketers Bulk Up Their Content Marketing Efforts

    ANA Magazine   July 23, 2021  

    As people return to a post-pandemic life, marketers are going to need to reevaluate their content marketing strategy if they want to stay viable and keep their audiences engaged. Producing content that brings meaning to people’s lives is shaping up to be the biggest challenge, along with devising new measurement tools.

  • Brands Crank Up Efforts to Diversify Their Product Portfolios

    ANA Magazine   July 2, 2021  

    For marketers diversifying their product portfolios, the aim is to build on the existing strengths of a brand while actively engaging a new set of customers. But in pursuing such a strategy, marketers have to be careful not to dilute the characteristics that have made their company so popular already.

  • Brands for Humans Is a Movement with Purpose

    ANA Magazine   May 14, 2021  

    Brands for humans (B4H), or the humanization of brand persona, is starting to circulate throughout the marketing field. However companies choose to operationalize B4H, there’s a growing onus on marketers to provide clarity to the public about a corporation’s values and beliefs and how it is meaningfully acting on those convictions.

  • X Factor

    The Nonprofit Journal   April 28, 2021  

    There are 65.2 million gen Xers in the U.S. and they love to give to causes that are important to them. Nonprofits would be wise to target what some are calling the next great giving generation.

  • How Marketers Capitalize on the Trust Deficit

    ANA Magazine   April 9, 2021  

    The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the country’s health, economy, and psychological well-being. It’s also contributed to a severe lack of trust in major institutions, according to Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer. As the U.S. starts to recover from the virus, people are looking to companies to fix problems the government can’t.

  • In-House Ad Agencies Are Gaining Room to Maneuver

    ANA Magazine   March 12, 2021  

    Having earned the trust of internal stakeholders, in-house agencies at The Hershey Co., Walgreens, and other mega retailers are quickly expanding their roles and responsibilities. Amid the pandemic, new tasks range from producing ads to selling them.