Michael J. McDermott

Michael J. McDermott writes about entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and — especially — marketing for both print and digital publications. He’s been doing it since the “Dark Ages,” before the internet was really a thing, and has loved every minute of it.

Recent content by this author:

  • On the Front Lines of Change

    The Nonprofit Journal   October 20, 2021  

    Philanthropy plays a key role in the fight for gender equality and bringing an end to structural racism. But more than ever, with challenges at every corner of society, these organizations are taking broader actions to step up their game.

  • Marketers Must Join the Fight Against Cyberattacks

    ANA Magazine   September 3, 2021  

    With cyberattacks on the rise, marketers must understand the scope of the threat and be proponents for consistently updating their companies’ online defenses. However, to have an effect, CMOs first have to make sure they have a seat at the table when cyber issues are discussed and strategies crafted.

  • Web Analytics Switch Tracks

    ANA Magazine   July 9, 2021  

    Recalibrating how their audiences consume information is just one of the key challenges facing marketers on the analytics front post-pandemic. The death of cookies and the rise of online privacy concerns will also spur brands and organizations to bring new strategies to bear when it comes to data management. First-party data awaits.

  • Consumers Hit Play on Interactive Ads

    ANA Magazine   June 25, 2021  

    Consumers are much more likely to remember interactive ads, perhaps because they’re not interruptive in nature. As marketers boost their online budgets, there are several ways they can improve the performance of their interactive ads and make them a more robust aspect of their overall communications strategy.

  • Should Brands Join the Clubhouse?

    ANA Magazine   May 7, 2021  

    Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-chat app that launched last year, is attracting a growing number of consumer brands. But will the app end up being a creature of the pandemic and lose its appeal as things start to loosen up and people get back into circulation?

  • The Brand-Led Effort Driving COVID-19 Vaccinations

    ANA Magazine   March 24, 2021  

    More than 300 brands are participating in the Ad Council's COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative, rolling out various advertising campaigns that urge people to get vaccinated and address those who are reluctant to get the shot.

  • Advertisers Pick Their Spots for Streaming TV Carefully

    ANA Magazine   March 10, 2021  

    As consumers migrate to streaming services in droves, more and more brands hop on board to supplement their spending on linear TV. But the tide may be turning in favor of streaming services. Product placement may never be the same.

  • What the Priorities of the Biden Administration Will Mean for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   February 5, 2021  

    As the Biden administration takes charge, major brands are stepping up their efforts to educate the public about vaccinations and bracing for how the new tone in the nation’s capital will impact their overall marketing strategy.

  • The Recruitment Race Resumes

    ANA Magazine   December 4, 2020  

    Creative, wide-ranging internships from brands like IBM and Verizon must become the rule rather than the exception if marketing is going to win an increasingly fierce battle for entry-level talent.

  • Marketers Raise Podcast Volume to Eleven

    ANA Magazine   November 13, 2020  

    The recent decline in podcast advertising is merely a pandemic-induced blip on the radar. The longer-term outlook remains quite attractive, with spending projected to reach more than $1 billion in 2021. Marketers are whetting their appetite.

  • LinkedIn Digs Deeper for Marketers

    B2B Marketer   August 26, 2020  

    Regardless of where B2B brands are on the social media spectrum, generating solid returns from LinkedIn requires careful planning, insight, and continued stick-to-itiveness.