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  • 6 Things to Know About TV in a Digital World

    Industry Insights   June 6, 2022  

    The current media landscape is defined by screens across devices; we absolutely live in a multiscreen world with around the clock access to content. While viewers may not differentiate between linear, connected and streaming TV, marketers’ awareness of these differences is crucial for successful campaigns. Below are six key takeaways from new media research studies that marketers need to know in order to reach audiences at scale and make informed media planning decisions.

  • Screen Size Matters: Study Highlights Viewer Preferences

    Blogs   December 1, 2021  

    Measurement across media platforms has been challenging and far from seamless, with a variety of metrics, third party companies, and media organizations approaching it differently. On a positive note, the industry’s move to impressions has facilitated the ability to combine audiences across platforms with a common metric; however,there is still work to be done on de-duplicating audiences and identifying overlaps.

  • Reaching Elusive Ad-Free Streamers

    Blogs   June 15, 2021  

    The combination of a pandemic that forced many Americans to stay home and the introduction of several new subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in addition to existing services (Netflix, Amazon and Hulu), has provided the perfect catalyst for SVOD growth. But not all of this growth has worked in the favor of marketers and advertisers.

  • New Impressions for Local TV Are Key to Succeeding in a Multiplatform Universe

    Forward   December 10, 2019  

    With an impressions-based ad model, marketers will be able to more easily include local broadcast TV in cross-platform campaign planning — and more quickly assess performance.

  • How to Refocus in the New Age of Retail Marketing

    Industry Insights   July 10, 2018  

    Not all media are created equal, and knowing which channels deliver a greater influence over consumer purchasing decisions — like TV — can give retail marketers an edge

  • Media’s Influence on American Conversation

    Forward   May 8, 2018  

    Local TV is a key driver of daily conversations and word-of-mouth impressions. Here’s what that means for marketers.