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  • What the Virus Is (and Isn’t) Changing About Marketing

    ANA Magazine   October 23, 2020  

    Companies that don’t realign their priorities toward a digital-first strategy will cede their business to competitors, says Geoff Ramsey, chairman and co-founder of eMarketer. In an interview with ANA magazine, Ramsey discusses how the pandemic has put pressure on marketers to sharpen their online platforms and make sure their data reflects the new reality.

  • Louder Together

    ANA Magazine   May 20, 2020  

    The advertising, marketing, and media industries are coalescing to fight the coronavirus. PSAs and content designed to educate the public about the disease lead the charge.

  • Communication Breakdown

    ANA Magazine   March 13, 2020  

    Undisclosed markups are just one of several issues eroding the trust between clients and their agencies. Against an ominous backdrop, the heat is on both sides to not let pain points fester. Here’s what industry leaders at Unilever, Sam’s Club, the ANA, and the 4A’s are doing to make things better.

  • Is Facebook Too Big to Unlike?

    ANA Magazine   July 12, 2019  

    Following revelations about mishandling consumer data and its slow response to dealing with hateful and dangerous rhetoric on its platform, Facebook has been forced to take a long, hard look at itself. As user engagement sputters, it’s a good time for marketers to question the value of the social giant in their marketing mix — but is the platform, still wielding market share like a cudgel, too big to give up on?

  • Brand Safety Takes Center Stage in Cannes

    Blogs   June 21, 2019  

    The ANA’s John Wolfe reports from Cannes on the launch of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media.

  • Global CMO Growth Council Unveils Leadership Roadmap in Cannes

    Blogs   June 20, 2019  

    In his latest dispatch from Cannes, the ANA’s John Wolfe shares a few highlights of the Global CMO Growth Council meeting.

  • The ANA in Cannes

    Blogs   June 18, 2019  

    The ANA’s John Wolfe shares his takeaways from the first day at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

  • How Citi Uses Experiential and Purpose-Driven Marketing to Drive Growth

    Blogs   May 20, 2019  

    Experiential and purpose-driven marketing have emerged as key ingredients in the marketing mix. Jennifer Breithaupt, Citi’s global consumer chief marketing officer, discusses their power to drive growth.

  • Marketing Organizations Are Bringing Agency Services Home to Roost

    ANA Magazine   December 5, 2018  

    A new survey by the ANA shows more and more marketing organizations are bringing agency work in house. Here’s a look at the key takeaways and what they mean for the industry.

  • The Maturation of PR

    ANA Magazine   November 3, 2017  

    An ANA survey found that public relations is playing a more decisive role in the marketing mix. Here’s what’s fueling the convergence.