Tammy Greenberg

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  • Motivating Listeners to Act in 2021

    Blogs   April 7, 2021  

    Radio, across all of its digital platforms, has and continues to experience exponential growth, earning significant share of media consumption throughout 2020 and the post-pandemic.

  • Radio Plays a Key Role in Amplifying Brand Purpose

    Forward   December 1, 2020  

    As the pandemic prolongs and states impose their own unique set of social distancing guidelines, major brands and organizations are tapping into radio partnerships at the local level to boost their visibility and drive consumer engagement.

  • The Spirit of Radio

    Forward   June 16, 2020  

    Radio has long been known as a deeply personal, trusted, and supportive partner for consumers, communities, and companies of all stripes. Fostering unity is part of the DNA of the more than 15,000 radio stations across the country.

  • Tuning Up the Customer Experience

    Forward   March 31, 2020  

    Radio brands continue to embrace and harness technology, AI-based solutions, and new media platforms to broaden the value they provide to consumers and advertisers. Engagement has seldom been stronger.

  • Local Radio Strategy Works Wonders for Brand Lift

    Forward   December 3, 2019  

    Understanding local cultural nuances makes a huge difference in establishing long-term relationships with those consumers.

  • Dialing Up Creative Strategies for Radio Ads

    Forward   September 12, 2019  

    Akin to brand identity, every radio commercial (or campaign) has its own unique idea, personality, tone, and voice.

  • What Does Your Brand’s Voice Sound Like?

    Forward   May 30, 2019  

    As voice technology becomes ubiquitous — and consumers use their hand-held devices to ask for just about anything — there’s a growing onus on brands to establish an audio identity among consumers and drive awareness for their voice commands.

  • Radio’s Social Influencers

    Forward   February 19, 2019  

    While the online influencer marketing industry is facing issues with fraudulent accounts and phantom traffic, marketing’s original influencer, the on-air radio personality, is still a reliable, highly trusted connection to a large percent of the consumer population.

  • Six Ingredients that Make Motel 6 a Successful Brand

    Blogs   December 10, 2018  

    Since 1962, Motel 6 has grown to become the leader in the economy hotel and lodging segment thanks in part to the longest running radio advertising campaign in history.

  • The Audio Boom

    Forward   December 4, 2018  

    From radio to podcasts to smart speakers, the growing prevalence of audio content is undeniable, and it’s creating a massive opportunity for brands that are willing to listen.

  • The Podcast Boom

    Industry Insights   May 1, 2018  

    The rise in the popularity of podcasts is creating an exciting opportunity for marketers. Here’s what broadcast radio and brands like Ford, Entenmann’s, and Sleep Number are doing in the podcast space.