Melinda McLaughlin

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  • Three Ways for Marketers to Extract More Value from Video Content

    Forward   June 18, 2020  

    To bolster and exceed their ROI goals, marketers need systems and processes to enable their teams and partners to leverage video assets without any friction or slowdowns.

  • Managing Creative Assets In a Complex Time

    Forward   April 28, 2020  

    Brands are creating more stories for more screens and devices than ever before. These assets also carry strict rights for usage and talent payments, and marketers and their agencies must be ready to make changes quickly to react to a mercurial business landscape.

  • Creative Is Data Too

    Forward   February 20, 2020  

    Each piece of ad creative holds a wealth of metadata. This data can help marketers at each stage of the creative workflow — if they have a centralized way to organize, manage, and maintain control of their assets. Here’s a look at the layers of data available within a marketer’s ad assets, and how that data can help drive more effective marketing and better ROI while ensuring precise compliance with talent and rights.

  • Why Marketers Are Struggling with Asset Management

    Forward   December 5, 2019  

    Using old, brute-force ways to meet new demands has reached a breaking point. Traditional digital asset management systems simply weren’t built for brand TV and video campaign asset workflow, and new research is showing why they can’t go the distance.

  • In-House Agencies Are Leading a New Way Forward

    Forward   May 16, 2019  

    Once considered a passing fad, the in-house agency is an increasingly common component within many marketing organizations. At a recent ANA conference, marketers from multiple industries discussed the benefits of building an in-house agency; here are a few key points.

  • Evolving Media Consumption Trends Give Marketers New Means for Ensuring High-Impact, Brand Safe Campaigns

    Blogs   April 25, 2019  

    The growing popularity of over-the-top programming is having a transformative effect on the entire video advertising ecosystem. For marketers, this development opens up exciting new opportunities to connect with hard-to-reach audiences and engage them through more digital touchpoints than ever before.

  • Was Shakespeare Really Talking About Ad Delivery?

    Forward   March 5, 2019  

    Is there 21st-century wisdom for marketers in the 16th-century words of William Shakespeare? Marketers must adopt a new workflow for putting ads in front of consumers — one that ensures a brand’s love doesn’t go unrequited.

  • Housing Video Ad Creative Where Everyone Can Get It

    Industry Insights   December 6, 2018  

    Dan Brackett of Extreme Reach discusses simplifying the complexities of online video advertising.

  • Take a Ride on the Creative (Workflow) Side

    Industry Insights   November 8, 2018  

    Advertisers are quickly and effectively capitalizing on new opportunities, distributing great video creative in a fragmented media market in ways that might seem easy. But the path to an optimal creative asset workflow is highly complex.

  • When Bad Things Happen to Good Video Ads

    Forward   March 27, 2018  

    The technology boom that ushered in digital media and created a new way for brands to engage consumers with video has outpaced the evolution of the industry’s traditional workflows. Here’s one way marketers can deal with the complexity.