Paul P. Robinson

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  • Measurement Is Universal, and Universally Elusive

    Blogs   March 11, 2021  

    Unlocking the power of measurement, in the form of return-on-investment, key performance indicators, and other attribution, has always been the holy grail. There has never been a serious strategic conversation around any marketing program where the topic of measurement is not front and center.

  • The New Normal and the New Commerce Marketing

    Blogs   February 23, 2021  

    In a year of social distancing and incredible disruption the world of commerce has transformed at a pace not seen before. This needed revolution has positioned marketers doing commerce marketing — whether in shopper, digital, social, retail or e-commerce — in a more indispensable role and with greater visibility throughout the organization than ever before.

  • Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing

    Blogs   July 15, 2020  

    This week, the ANA released the new white paper, "Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing,” based on a 2019 survey. The ANA partnered with the Content Council to conduct the study which revealed that over a two-year period, spending on content marketing showed a 73 percent average budget increase.

  • You’ve Heard of Viral Marketing: What about Virus Marketing?

    Blogs   April 9, 2020  

    The ANA’s Paul Robinson shares a few brands that are leading the charge by forging new efforts that can help fill the void and tap into our natural human need for belonging in order to feel connected while we are #AloneTogether.

  • Even Great Content Is Not Always Content Marketing

    Blogs   May 1, 2019  

    Many marketers include content in their strategies, but the discipline of content marketing is a different animal altogether. The ANA’s Paul Robinson explains.

  • Innovation Is Everywhere — the Retail Experience in NYC

    Blogs   April 12, 2019  

    Marketers are obsessed with innovation, but do they know it’s right under their noses? The ANA’s Paul Robinson shares insights from a recent Shopper/Commerce Marketing Committee meeting.

  • What's In A Name? In the Case of Shopper Marketing, Perhaps A Lot

    Blogs   November 29, 2018  

    Once only associated with retail and the CPG world, shopper marketing has expanded across all verticals and business segments. ANA's Paul P. Robinson makes the case for reframing the conversation around this marketing discipline.