Scott Howe

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  • The Future of Identity Is Being Decided Today

    Forward   October 27, 2020  

    The pending changes in the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) are setting off alarms for marketers. To succeed, a true industry solution must work cross-device and cross-screen; allow advertisers to reach their critical audiences; be completely measurable, neutral, and interoperable; and, most importantly, put consumer privacy first. A number of contenders exist, but only one truly fits the bill. Here’s how these identity solutions currently stack up.

  • Thinking Outside the Cookie Jar

    Forward   June 6, 2019  

    Online consumer behavior is growing increasingly complex, and the humble cookie is no longer an adequate tool for tracking online movement. Marketers need a more sophisticated solution that collects disparate user actions into a unified portrait of the consumers’ time online.