Steve Lanzano

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  • Flexibility Is the New Media Optimizer

    Blogs   July 14, 2020  

    These are tough times for marketers — consumer behavior is unpredictable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small are in varying phases of reopening, and media consumption is experiencing drastic shifts. Throughout all the turmoil, one medium is healthier than ever, and even growing its audience: local broadcast TV.

  • How Local Will Lead the Way Out of the Crisis

    Blogs   May 27, 2020  

    Businesses of all types and sizes are struggling to get back on their feet as a result of COVID’s gut punch, from local restaurants, car dealerships, and retailers to national travel and hospitality chains. Steve Lanzano, president and CEO of TVB, believes local markets will be where businesses spark back to life again — and local television will be the best conduit to get there.

  • What Marketers Can Learn from Political Campaigns

    Blogs   July 15, 2019  

    TV’s huge reach helps marketers raise awareness. But it’s also effective for bottom of the funnel sales.