Harold S. Geller, Senior Vice President, Cross Industry Workflow, 4A’s and Managing Director, Ad-ID

Harold S Geller is Senior Vice President, Cross Industry Workflow, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and Managing Director, Ad-ID LLC — the industry standard for identifying Advertising assets across all media platforms — a UPC code for ads, which is a joint venture of the 4A’s and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Harold is a member of the boards of the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), and the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) Coalition — a non-profit initiative on a mission to simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights. Harold speaks and writes extensively regarding digital workflow and metadata in advertising and media and is the co-author of three white papers. The first, “Content ID — The Elephant in the Room”, discusses various content identification standards, their uses, and history, the second, “Are Fully Digital Workflows a Pipedream”, looks at the issues related to system and process integration in the media/communications supply chain, the third “Smooth Asset Workflows, Bigfoot, and UFOs” discusses the opportunities related to increased automation in broadcast media operations. Harold’s advertising career spans nearly 30 years, in the United States and Canada. He has worked in media buying/planning, account management, financial, and technology roles at MindShare, Ogilvy & Mather, and McCann Erickson. Harold is a graduate of radio and television broadcasting from Seneca College (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

Recent content by this author:

  • The marketing supply chain needs to link up.

    Blogs   January 3, 2012  

    We have all heard the phrase, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Truth is, in the current marketing supply chain weak links abound! To successfully create a supply chain which transforms an antiquated linear view to the more apt supply web which a more three dimensional network of partners.

  • Smooth Asset Workflows, Bigfoot, and UFOs

    Blogs   December 1, 2011  

    Today, about 70 to 85 percent of cable network commercials are digitally delivered. Most of the internal workflows are only partially automated, and therefore are subject to human error. Most still require conversion and significant amounts of human intervention.