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  • 8 Attributes of Purposeful Brands

    Industry Insights   April 11, 2022  

    It has become rather trendy to question — or even speak out against — the value of brand purpose. That mountain of studies from trusted sources about consumers preferring to support, buy from, and work for purpose-led brands? Overblown and misleading, the skeptics say. The idea that a deeply embedded purpose can drive business strategy and operations, improve organizational culture, and lead to solutions that address societal issues? Perhaps, but at what cost to the business in time and effort? The notion that purpose can spur sales, business growth, and competitive advantage? Oh, please.

  • Notable Quotes from the Masters of Marketing

    Blogs   October 12, 2021  

    The 2021 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference certainly had a different feel than those of years past. The COVID-19 pandemic kept the in-person crowd in Orlando, Fla., to a fraction of its typical size (although more than 3,000 registered to watch virtually).

  • The Challenge of Activating Purpose

    Blogs   May 6, 2021  

    As more companies look to make a larger impact on society through purpose-driven strategies, they would be wise to heed to the warning of Andrea Brimmer, chief marketing and public relations officer at Ally Financial: “While the potential of brand purpose is game-changing, it’s also a minefield if you get it wrong.”

  • Brands Stepping Up with Purpose

    Blogs   April 20, 2020  

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rampage across the globe, with seemingly no end in sight, has there ever been a greater need for brands to activate their purpose or reason for being beyond profit?

  • Purpose Starts Here

    Blogs   September 24, 2019  

    The ANA Center for Brand Purpose recently released “Discovering Brand Purpose: A Playbook for Uncovering the ‘Why’ of Your Business,” an insight-rich resource for maximizing your understanding of doing good business.

  • The Future of 5G with Mo Katibeh of AT&T

    Blogs   May 9, 2019  

    Mo Katibeh, CMO of AT&T Business, is excited for 5G. Get a preview of his session at the 2019 ANA Masters of B2B Conference in this exclusive Q&A.

  • Purpose Takes Center Stage

    Blogs   November 14, 2018  

    Aligning an organization around a well-articulated and meaningful purpose has a greater impact on growth than any particular product or service. The new ANA Center for Brand Purpose will provide tools and resources to help brands overcome the challenges of bringing purpose to life.

  • It Takes More Than Great Marketing

    Industry Insights   March 8, 2018  

    At Mondelēz International, legal plays a critical role in driving growth initiatives across the company.