Anne Kawalerski

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  • Your Customers Want ESG to Change the World

    Forward   April 28, 2022  

    In the past, purpose in marketing might have been seen as a lever to increase brand perception and consumer preference, or only pursued if it was natively part of the company’s mission. Now, a commitment to societal issues or putting accountability at the core of one’s brand are no longer a bonus or a nice-to-have, a new report from Bloomberg Media finds — they are an essential part of doing business.

  • A New Framework to Define and Measure a Brand’s Ingenuity

    Industry Insights   March 15, 2022  

    Leaders know that innovation is vital to success. But what does this frequently-used term really mean today — and why does how you define it matter? Answering this question is an urgent need for businesses seeking to drive new solutions amid the significant challenges the world faces today, from climate change and inequality to pandemic recovery and geopolitical instability. A meaningful understanding of innovation helps inform a brand’s vision, which is the foundation for brand health and performance.

  • How Influential Leaders Are Building DEI Across Their Organizations

    Forward   October 5, 2021  

    Marketers seeking to hardwire DEI into their organizations need to understand what factors into decisions their customers make, what is driving brand perceptions, and what role strategy and communications can play. To do that, they need relevant data as well as expert perspective.

  • 4 Questions That Can Help Brands Connect Vision, Purpose and Trust

    Blogs   May 20, 2021  

    When purpose drives vision, companies are in a position of strength and can meet customer needs in a way that builds trust. Bloomberg analysis revealed four key questions that brands should explore in order to understand how the factors that define purpose, vision and trust interact to underpin performance.