Mirko Holzer

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  • Bridging the Gap Between Marketing Strategy and the Customer Experience

    Forward   December 14, 2021  

    There is no doubt that marketing operations — the layer between marketing strategy and customer experience — is making an impact today. However, marketing ops is ripe for exponential improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness through next-generation technology. A new study from BrandMaker offers insights into how to move forward.

  • How to Maximize the Value of Your Marketing Budget

    Forward   September 30, 2021  

    In a perfect world, organizations should be able to make budgetary changes in near real-time, but only 11 percent of respondents say they can make the necessary updates within a day. It’s time to put away the spreadsheets and adopt 21st century solutions.

  • Why CMOs Are Going All-In on Marketing Operations

    Forward   July 27, 2021  

    As complex market conditions and sudden disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on marketers to respond to new realities at a moment’s notice, it’s putting marketing operations at the forefront as the key to agility, collaboration, and customer focus.