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  • Brand Purpose Should Be the Focus of Influencer Programs

    Industry Insights   April 27, 2023  

    Coming on the heels of the social media uproar that followed Bud Light’s partnership with a trans influencer, marketers everywhere are taking stock of the role that brand ambassador programs play within their broader branding strategies — and understandably so. As with so many elements of marketing and advertising, a brand ambassador program isn’t just an outreach tool anymore. It’s a statement of values — and brands need to ensure theirs match up with their actions.

  • 5 Things That Should Guide Your 2023 Brand Strategy

    Industry Insights   January 5, 2023  

    The pandemic forced brands and business leaders to acknowledge just how little control they have over the direction and rate at which their enterprises evolve. Representing the single greatest impetus for forced evolution in modern times, COVID-19 pulled the tablecloth out from under all of us. Some shattered. Some tipped over. And some stayed standing, thanks to a surer footing and better position than their counterparts.

  • How to Build the Workplace of the Future

    Industry Insights   October 31, 2022  

    If you’re a company executive and you’re thinking about your team and workplace the same way you did two years ago, there’s a good chance you’re looking to fill a lot of vacancies — and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

  • In-Game Advertisers: Focus on the Gamers, Not the Games

    Industry Insights   June 8, 2022  

    Mobile and video games experienced explosive growth during the pandemic. With more gamers staying put and non or casual gamers seeking variety in their entertainment sources, Statista reported that gamers hit a record 3.24 billion globally in 2021, and the industry reported $85.86 billion in video game revenue.

  • The Secret to Successful Internal Initiatives? Treat Them Like Marketing Campaigns

    Industry Insights   April 25, 2022  

    These days, the need for business leaders to break down silos doesn’t just apply to traditional and digital marketing departments or cross-channel attribution initiatives. Rather, today’s brands need to be fundamentally rethinking how they define, position and message against their purpose — both externally and internally.

  • How Brands Are Finding Success in Flipping Tired Stereotypes

    Blogs   December 9, 2021  

    From detail-obsessed Pinterest moms to loafing clueless dads, marketing has always loved a stereotype. They’re easy. They’re accessible. They require very little explanation or defense when thrust into a marketing campaign.