Tony Case

Tony Case is a veteran journalist who writes about marketing, media, and workplace trends. A former editor at Adweek, Case has written profiles on people ranging from Rupert Murdoch to RuPaul. His work has also been featured in publications such as Advertising Age, Digiday, and Variety.

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  • What's Keeping CMOs Up at Night?

    B2B Marketer   August 30, 2023  

    The fifth annual "Marketing On My Mind" report from Brand Keys, based on a survey of more than 500 CMOs, offers insight into what's top of mind for marketers facing what the report calls a "perfect storm" of miseries. Inflation and a possible recession, as well as pressure over increased profits/shareholder value, top the list.

  • Navigating Controversy

    ANA Magazine   August 4, 2023  

    While the backlash to brands aligning their messaging and merchandise with Pride Month has quelled, marketers continue to weigh the risks of taking a stand on hot-button issues. It seems an increasingly difficult needle to thread for marketers, who must grapple with a polarized society and the spread of misinformation on social media. Before they take a stand, brands need to take the temperature of both the mainstream and potential opposition and be prepared to stick to their messaging.

  • Will Brands Abandon DEI When the Going Gets Tough?

    ANA Magazine   May 19, 2023  

    While there are an ample number of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) success stories, business leaders' short-term concerns about the economy and their companies' financial health could stall their commitment to DEI — even as industry observers warn against putting such initiatives on hold.

  • Rethinking Thought Leadership

    B2B Marketer   March 8, 2023  

    B2B marketers tend to focus on the quantity of their thought leadership content, rather than the quality, which discourages potential buyers. Hiring journalists, videographers, and other talent versed in storytelling can help turn the tide.

  • How Marketers Steer Clear of Purpose Washing

    ANA Magazine   February 3, 2023  

    The rise in brand purpose has led to a surge in so-called purpose washing, in which a company claims solidarity with a certain cause — the environment, empowering women, or LGBTQ+ rights, for examples — only to do little to nothing to support. With an ever-discerning public waiting to pounce, marketers have to ensure that before they start touting their purpose they are taking actions that have a real impact on people's lives.

  • Changes to California's Privacy Law Will Affect B2B Brands

    B2B Marketer   December 14, 2022  

    Exemptions in the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) related to B2B marketing expire in January 2023. Despite having more than two years to ready themselves, many companies are ill-prepared for the change.

  • The B2B Buying Cycle Starts to Shift Gears

    B2B Marketer   October 26, 2022  

    The B2B purchasing cycle grew in the last two and half years, a new study reveals. To keep pace, marketers need to ramp up their efforts to collaborate with customers and prospects on business and research projects and help ease their pain.

  • Back to the Future for B2B Marketers?

    B2B Marketer   October 5, 2022  

    The pandemic seems to have altered the script when it comes to the most effective ways to reach business decision-makers, as B2B brands embrace a hybrid marketing strategy combining analog and digital messaging.

  • Brands Seek Secret Formula for Attracting Talent

    ANA Magazine   September 2, 2022  

    As a hot job market continues and the Great Resignation lingers, companies such as Denny's, Pearle Vision, and EOS Products are turning to DEI and other meaningful initiatives to lure and retain top talent.