Georgia Bradley

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  • It’s Not About Personalization — It’s About Being Personal

    Industry Insights   August 23, 2023  

    We have all heard the statistics that show that B2B customer experiences are lagging behind. Sixty-two percent of buyers feel that B2B advertising is too vague to be relevant to their business, while 64 percent feel that ads don’t always demonstrate a good understanding of their organization’s problems. The answer the industry is telling us is that personalization is key. B2B is the new B2C, with personalized experiences being the critical door-opener to success.

  • In B2B, Being Good Is Good for Business

    Industry Insights   June 22, 2023  

    The B2B buying process is dynamic and decision makers’ needs shift from year to year. The last few years were perhaps more impactful than most, with the pandemic and social justice movements changing the way buyers explore and choose suppliers.

  • Content Shines in a Cookieless World

    Industry Insights   May 3, 2023  

    According to Bombora Company Surge, during the last 90 days there have been over 17,000 spikes in research about content across business services companies. Content falls in the middle of the pack above demand generation in marketing interests, showing where B2B marketers’ priorities lie.

  • When It Comes to Account-Based Experiences, Branding Is Essential

    Industry Insights   March 13, 2023  

    According to Bombora Company Surge, during the last 90 days, interest in ABX (Account-Based Experiences) increased 53 percent while interest in ABM (Account-Based Marketing) decreased by 55 percent.