Bruno Gralpois, ANA Faculty

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  • A Glimpse at the Future of Advertiser/Agency Relationships

    Industry Insights   February 4, 2022  

    As speed increased, it became good practice to look back as we propelled ourselves forward. As we look in the rear-view mirror of 2021 and developments that shaped advertiser and agency relationships, we can get a glimpse as what’s coming ahead and best prepare ourselves. What were last year’s major drivers that made a significant difference in how advertisers and agencies collaborate with each other?

  • Are You a Marketing Double Agent?

    Blogs   November 17, 2021  

    In the age of transparency and speed, how client /agency relationships can thrive by adopting new means of collaboration and partnerships powered by data.

  • The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma in Marketing

    Blogs   September 27, 2021  

    When clients take responsibility for setting agencies up for success, they see lower fail rates and stronger performance.

  • How to Get the Most Value from Your Agencies

    Blogs   August 9, 2021  

    Why do some partnerships thrive and produce great work while others seem out-of-sync, with mediocre results? Partnership building, brief writing, reviewing proposals, negotiating with agencies, and evaluating creative work are all essential everyday activities conducted by marketers with their agency partners.

  • Predictions for a New (Partnership) World Order

    Blogs   January 28, 2021  

    Additional disruption? Greater turmoil? Further transformation? What radical changes should advertisers expect in a post-COVID-19 world?

  • Turning Agencies into Growth Agents

    Blogs   November 5, 2020  

    GROWTH. If there is one word that best describes the imperative nature of marketing and the priority shared by all CMOs in these unprecedented times, this is it. Growth has never been a greater priority than it is today.

  • A Guide to Agency Management In 2020

    Blogs   January 30, 2020  

    Too many marketing priorities can lead to disappointments and tough compromises. As a result, marketing leaders spend a great deal of time and energy deciding what to do, and equally, if not more importantly, what NOT to do. Here are some tips for enhancing your agency management in 2020.

  • Cutting Agency Fees Is Not the Answer to Your Marketing Budget Challenges

    Blogs   October 31, 2019  

    With the constant pressure to reduce marketing budgets, cutting agency fees is without a doubt very tempting. However, asking agencies to cut their fees without careful consideration or understanding of the downstream implications could be catastrophic.

  • Transactional Relationships Are Out

    Blogs   August 9, 2019  

    CMOs and their organizations need agency partners that can turn into empowered talent and create stronger work. Here are the five stages of building those partnerships.

  • Planning for Success: Eight Priorities for CMOs Come 2020

    Blogs   April 19, 2019  

    It’s never too soon to plan for the future. Here are eight things CMOs can expect the following from their agency ecosystem leading up to 2020.

  • A Marketer’s Strongest Muscle Is the Agency: Keys to Ending the Agency Mania

    Blogs   February 26, 2019  

    The agency landscape continues to change. Bruno Gralpois, co-founder and principal of Agency Mania Solutions and author of Agency Mania 2nd Edition: Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relations for High-Impact Results, shares his insight into how to structure for success.