Marni Gordon, SVP of committees and conferences, ANA

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  • Disrupt or Be Disrupted: A Q&A with Adam Cooper

    Blogs   January 28, 2020  

    With emerging technologies, continuously changing consumer preferences and brands of all sizes fighting to cut through the clutter, how do we continue to move fast and think big? The ANA’s Marni Gordon sat down with Adam Cooper, SVP of marketing at the Wonderful Company, to discuss.

  • Making Mergers Work with Amy Barzdukas

    Blogs   December 12, 2019  

    Ahead of her session at the 2020 ANA Brand Masters Conference, Presented by Twitter, Amy Barzdukas, EVP and CMO at Poly, sat down with Marni Gordon to give some insight into driving results following a merger.

  • Transforming a Legendary Brand with General Mills’ Brad Hiranaga

    Blogs   December 3, 2019  

    Ahead of his session at the 2020 ANA Brand Masters Conference, the ANA sat down with Brad Hiragana, chief brand officer at General Mills, to get the scoop on how he transformed a legendary brand.

  • Data-Driven Decisions and AI-Fueled Storytelling: a Q&A with Manos Spanos

    Blogs   November 14, 2019  

    Ahead of his session at the 2020 ANA Brand Masters Conference, the ANA’s Marni Gordon sat down with Manos Spanos, SVP and CMO of brand marketing yogurt BU — USA at Danone North America, to hear his thoughts on data-driven decisions and leveraging AI for storytelling.

  • Q&A with Walter Frye

    Blogs   July 15, 2019  

    In advance of his presentation at this year’s ANA Digital and Social Media Conference, we caught up with Walter Frye, VP of global brand content and engagement at American Express, to talk influencer marketing.

  • Everyday Innovation with Kristi Argyilan

    Blogs   April 15, 2019  

    Kristi Argyilan, SVP of marketing at Target, will be speaking at this year’s ANA Digital & Social Media Conference. Here, she shares her wisdom about creating a culture where innovation is driven by the basics.

  • Key Action Steps for Marketers from Latest ANA Programmatic Study

    Blogs   May 25, 2017  

    A new ANA study provides practical solutions to help advertisers take greater control of their programmatic investments. Here are some of the key action steps.

  • Brands Working With Startups

    Blogs   February 3, 2016  

    ANA's Marni Gordon shares key findings from a new ANA/CTA study on marketers' perceptions of and attitudes toward engaging startups in the marketing space.

  • Cycle For Survival – What An Amazing Ride!

    Blogs   March 7, 2014  

    ANA's Marni Gordon recounts her experience participating in Cycle for Survival organized by Equinox. Carlos Becil, SVP of marketing at Equinox, will speak at the 2014 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference in July.

  • Key themes from 2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference

    Blogs   March 6, 2014  

    ANA's Marni Gordon summarizes key themes from the recently completed 2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference.