Regulatory Rumblings Archive

January 2016

E.U. Forces American Companies to Play By Its Rules

Posted: Jan 28, 2016 4:15pm ET

It is no mystery that European Union scrutiny of American companies’ business practices has been increasing over the last year. From the way companies pay taxes to how they display information about individuals online, it seems nothing is escaping the watchful eyes of European regulators.


FTC PrivacyCon Targets Advertising

Posted: Jan 15, 2016 1:45pm ET

Yesterday the FTC held its PrivacyCon event, which brought together researchers and academics to discuss the latest trends related to consumer privacy and data security.


Tax Issues Impacting Advertising in 2016

Posted: Jan 14, 2016 12:00pm ET

The President in the State of the Union message failed to place any emphasis on tax reform. Without a major push from the White House and the Executive Branch, which is now unlikely, there is little chance for major tax reform legislation in 2016. Nevertheless, tax issues will continue to be given significant focus this year.


2016 Starting Off with a Regulatory Bang

Posted: Jan 8, 2016 11:00am ET

We are only eight days into 2016, but there are already early signals that U.S. regulatory agencies are planning for more action this year.