Videos: The Trend of the Moment or Here to Stay?

June 2, 2010

By Cara Brooke Schultz

Viral videos seem to be the “trend” of the moment in the social media world, but will it last? Most websites from to are using videos for numerous reasons like broadcasting information, tutorials, or pure entertainment. And then you have YouTube — a video community where anyone can become an internet star by simply uploading a homegrown video.

Recently, I stumbled upon craigslist TV on YouTube. At first I wasn’t sure if these videos were real, they look professionally produced, and the personalities of the people in the videos seems so outlandish I thought they had to be actors.

According to the craigslist channel on YouTube, “craigslist tv is a new documentary series that follows real craigslist users, in real time, as they use craigslist to make things happen. The project remains active today. Interested craigslist users click an opt-in button if they think their posting deserves to be seen. The episodes in this series are the results of the project to date.”

Do you find yourself watching more videos online? If so, what do you watch online — news, entertainment, educational tutorials?

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