Where to Start When Crafting Your Resume

September 9, 2010

By Michael Palmer

A job search is much like building a marketing campaign; you need to decide what you are going to say and to whom. Segmentation is critical; no matter how good you are — you and your qualifications are not right for every employer. Who is your most likely target? Decide that, and you can start to write your marketing brochure — your resume.

As you build your print ad/marketing brochure how will you position yourself to your target audience? What is the one thing that they need to know that will make you a more desirable brand/product than the other options? What can you do for your potential employer that will make you valuable to them?

Begin writing your resume by first evaluating the needs of the employer and then determining how you can fill those needs. Be sure to design a targeted resume for each and every job for which you apply. If you mass-produce your resume, you will have to compromise to find a qualification that will impress everyone. We all know it is better to be right for a few customers, than try to be right for everyone and in the end being "vanilla."

If you want to strengthen your resume, think about taking a few key marketing training courses  this shows potential employers that your never satisfied, that you are always looking for ways to improve yourself, a great trait for any potential employee. Need a few marketing course options? Visit the ANA School of Marketing's website for a variety of alternative educational options.




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