The 3D Invasion

September 13, 2010

By Susan Burke

Once thought of as a laughable craze of the past, 3D technology (which first became prominent in the 1950s) is re-entering our cultural consciousness with a vengeance. Hit movies such as Monsters vs. Aliens, Alice in Wonderland, and The Clash of the Titans are utilizing it, as well as advertisers such as Gillette and Pepsi (in partnership with Dreamworks and Intel). ESPN is even getting into the act with their 3D sports channel and manufacturers, including Samsung and Panasonic, are selling 3D TVs for home use.

Timberland has become the latest advertiser to go 3D with their new "Nature Needs Heroes" campaign, which utilizes 3D technology online and in-store. In a Brandweek article, Jim Davey, VP of global marketing at Timberland says, "this is the first time we've reflected new media realities with additional elements like 3D microsites and interactive windows in our retail stores."

Despite all the hype over 3D, questions still remain. How deep is the 3D penetration when it comes to home use? How much does 3D really add to the viewing experience? And, will the interest in 3D last this time around? Only time will tell, but, so far, it looks like 3D is not going away any time soon.

To read more about Dreamworks Animation and their use of 3D, please click here.




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