The Nike Approach to Business Training

September 22, 2010

Is the Nike approach to sports one we should adopt for our job  Just Do It! That is stop procrastinating, believe in yourself get on the field, court, track, etc and just start participating, playing, excelling? For fun I looked at the Nike site, clicked on the running page and saw that there is a training tab. Thinking that this could be the help potential runners need to lift their level of performance, I spent a little time looking around to see what I could find. There's a lot — Nike's Coach Jay will answer your questions should you have them. Or you can go to a page entitled Nike+ Coach  here Nike's "top-notch coaches have joined forces to bring you custom training programs."

Even Nike does not expect you to go it alone. Why then do we so often expect people on our marketing teams to pick up what they need via OJT (on the job training)? Why aren't we willing to provide them a "top-notch coach" to bring them custom training programs? Training is often put aside because it takes time and money to do  yet we all know that training returns results. Can you imagine college or professional athletes performing at the level they do without training?

Business and marketing training should not be a luxury or left to an individual to "Just Do It" on their own. There are too many resources that can help  and not every option costs a lot or requires a huge time investment. The ANA School of Marketing offers ANA members a number of options  instead of going it alone, you may want a top-notch coach to help, and ANA has a number — check us out!




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