Employees First, Customers Second

September 22, 2010


The truth is marketing starts from the inside out. Your team must understand and believe in your brand. Will they stand behind it, champion it? Do they know what the brand mission is? Are they informed and involved in new initiatives and strategies that are taking place within your company? If your staff is unable or unwilling to support your marketing efforts it can have detrimental results.  

In fact, a lack of commitment from your team is extremely harmful to an organization; it results in poorer performance arising from inferior service offerings and higher costs. Too often companies think once they have finished their consumer work, they are done. Successful companies see employees as a critical component to the capability of service organizations and therefore treat employees and customers with equal importance.

The resultant positive effect of an internally focused marketing effort will encourage employees to offer maximum rather than minimum effort, thereby better satisfying the needs and wants of external customers. Internal marketing could therefore be the answer to gaining employee commitment for many organizations, succeeding where traditional internal communications programs have failed. Need help motivating employees - turn to ANA School of Marketing for great courses and training opportunities to show your team you care about their development.



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