Learning Cultures Provide Competitive Advantages

September 27, 2010


Organizations with learning cultures empower employees to make decisions and encourage them to seek new ideas and innovative paths to better business solutions.  Interestingly, studies have shown that 80 percent of what is learned is gained outside the organization, and from each other.

Today's business environment favors the companies that can tap into the enthusiasm, agility and problem solving skills of their staff. Companies with a culture that values and fosters learning succeed not just at today's goals, but also at meeting the unseen, unplanned for opportunities of the future. Is your organization agile enough to take advantage of these fleeting moments?

Your people are therefore your greatest competitive advantage.  Those companies able and willing to tap into and build those skills will leap ahead of competition and stay there.

The key is for teams to learn together, to challenge each other. By working in tandem teams will greatly exceed what one mind can do on its own.

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