Coca-Cola’s Joe Tripodi

October 15, 2010

By Guest Blogger Joshua Kidd, Siemens Corp.

Greetings from sunny Orlando...As a part of this years ANA conference, they have asked some of the audience members to blog about the sessions to give their perspective on the speakers and topics being discussed and for my inaugural blog I got to cover Joseph Tripodi, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for the Coca-Cola Company.

Joe covered a number of topics that are starting to become reoccurring themes this week, namely diversification of the marketing mix and the need to focus less on product attributes and more on consumer benefits. As it relates directly to the new more diversified marketing arena, social media played a large role in a number of Coca-Cola's most successful campaigns by allowing and embraces audience interaction with the brand image and storytelling efforts. Most notably were the "Wave the Flag" campaign launched around the World Cup in South Africa and the "Expedition 206" adventure currently underway.

Another one of the core concepts he stressed was something he referred to as "The genius of the and." This being the point at which seemingly unrelated or in some cases contradictory concepts cross to form truly powerful advertising opportunities. Things like business growth and environmental impact, global reach and local message, brand love and brand value and inspirational ideas and operational realities. His message being that when you can satisfy the wants and needs of a community as well as your business you give yourself the greatest chance of creating an advertising campaign that has a lasting impact.

In closing a couple of points that stood out were that while ad impressions are great and  a staple of any good campaign, brand expressions are a more powerful result of a well run advertising campaign. And last but not least remember to embrace failure as the unavoidable cost of always trying to remain innovative.

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