RIM and Starcom Turn Marketing Work Over to the Public

October 18, 2010

By Guest Blogger Joshua Kidd, Siemens Corp.

Back for the last full day of sessions here at the 2010 ANA Annual Conference and this morning we have Keith Pardy, CMO of RIM and Laura Desmond, CEO the Starcom Group. Without getting into too much detail I think a number of the same concepts that have been a focus point of this week's conference have emerged.

  • Focus on the customer benefits rather than the products attributes
  • Integrated content across multiple platforms
  • Embrace risk and don't be afraid of failure

While I think we would all agree those are qualities almost any company would do well to pursue there were a couple of other items that got my attention, particularly since I come from a highly digital background.

  • 70% of there advertising mix is digital.  While it's not uncommon for high tech business to focus on online communications, 70% seemed even higher than I expected.
  • Turning their marketing over to the people.  By taping into the passionate communities of Blackberry users, RIM is allowing their users to help create, seed and spread their brand messaging, particularly in the world of social media where word-of-mouth marketing takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Last but not least we had a formal introduction to their new tablet product, the Blackberry Playbook.  For all those out there who've been unable to use there existing online banners, applications and webpage on the iPad, you'll be happy to know the Playbook and Flash programming are best buddies so that won't be an issue!

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