Raw, Flawed, Ugly, Confusing

October 21, 2010

By Bill Duggan

According to SI.com, Wednesday night's baseball playoff game between the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies was "raw, flawed, dazzling, ugly, confusing and entirely wonderful."  Sorry, but I didn't have the opportunity to see it-nor did 10+ million other people who are Cablevision customers as the dispute between Cablevision and Fox continues.  That has resulted in Fox pulling its New York and Philadelphia affiliates from Cablevision's system.  All four Giants/Phillies games (so far) have been wiped out.  Thank goodness the Yankees and Rangers are on TBS.

Where's Major League Baseball during this mess?  Surely, they can't be happy that Fox has taken their product off the airwaves in the Cablevision footprint. Unless I missed it, mlb.com makes no mention of this dispute.  It does have a link that says "Postseason.TV has live angles, no blackouts" that caught my eye.  The link promotes a MLB product actually called Postseason.TV that  is billed as a companion viewing technology (meaning, companion with Fox and TBS) and costs $9.95. But MLB should be more aggressive in getting Fox and Cablevision aligned. As my blog on Monday stated, consumers and advertisers are unfairly caught in the middle of this dispute.  And that's just raw, flawed, ugly, and confusing.

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