ANA Research Report: Multicultural Marketing and Newer Media

November 29, 2010

By Bill Duggan

ANA recently fielded a survey to better understand how newer media platforms are being used to reach multicultural consumers. Topline results were debuted at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference earlier this month.

A key finding of the research is that multicultural marketers allocate, on average, 6.6% of their multicultural media budgets to newer media platforms—versus 15.6% in the general market. Further, almost every newer media platform is more commonly used in the general market than in the multicultural market.

An important insight behind these numbers is that multicultural marketers are not allocating enough spending to newer media and many may not be allocating enough spending to multicultural marketing overall.

When results of the 2010 Census are released they will undoubtedly confirm what is already known by savvy multicultural marketers:

  • The U.S. population continues to become incredibly more diverse. In 2010, births to Hispanic, Black, and Asian women will likely account for 50 percent of all births in the nation and that percentage will increase going forward.
  • Multicultural households are significantly younger than those in the general market.

The population make-up of the country has reached a tipping point. The Census Bureau estimates that minorities will constitute a majority of the nation's overall population in about three decades and a majority of Americans under age 18 in only one decade.

More multicultural consumers and more younger multicultural consumers are a powerful combination ripe for an increased allocation in multicultural marketing spending overall and spending in newer multicultural media more specifically.

The implications to marketers are now clearer than ever before—multicultural consumers are no longer niche or "add on" segments. Rather, multicultural markets are the new mainstream and spending on multicultural marketing overall and newer media in particular must reflect that.

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