Why Foursquare Works

December 17, 2010

By Cara Brooke Schultz

Foursquare was based off of the concept of bringing the element of gaming to real-life. But, how does this work for businesses and marketers?

First of all, it puts your business on the map. Local businesses can offer sales and special rates to customers in their area on a whim — with the simple click of a button. Picture this, you own a local bakery, and have way too many pastries left over as it is nearing the closing hour. Instead of throwing out the pastries, you can run an advertisement on Foursquare for half-priced treats and any of your customers on Foursquare will see the advertisement and be more apt to come in and shop. This is what we call geotagging — the idea that merchants use GPS technology (in smartphones) to build a community at street level instead of global level. Foursquare provides a relatively simple and quick advertising option for local businesses.

So why are customers jumping into Foursquare — because smartphones are the new "it" necessity. With a smartphone you can go on mobile optimized websites, keep in touch with friends on Facebook, listen to music, chat to your followers on Twitter, play a game with the newest app, and even make a phone call. Smartphones are simply a mini computer at your fingertips — and it seems as though almost everyone has one.

Which brings us back to the new sensation of Foursquare — what do you think about Foursquare? Does your company use it, or plan on using it in the future? 

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