Are You Game?

January 6, 2011

By Cara Brooke Schultz

Social gaming is the talk of the town, with games like Farmville and Cityville becoming extremely popular on Facebook. According to an online article from Inside Social Games, "Cityville became the largest single app ever on the Facebook platform, with 84.2 million monthly active users." The social gaming concept is changing how people socialize with their friends in the social media space. Do you think social gaming is the next big thing in the online space?

People seem to think so, and businesses are starting to notice. Take McDonald's for example; in Sweden they brought the concept of gaming to a billboard advertisement. The concept: create a videogame that engaged customers walking on the street. McDonald's hired a company to create a videogame that employed McDonald's items like french fries, ice cream sundaes, burgers, and cups of coffee to dance across the digital screen. The advertisement went on to ask people to snap a picture with their cell phone of a menu item, bring into the local McDonald's and get that item for free.

For the duration of the ad, about 300 people brought in images to the local McDonald's. Although they were hoping to engage more people, the concept was picked up all over the internet and tons of people were talking about it. The gaming advertisement experience was a hit, where else, but online!

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