Hey Look at Me. I’m Almost at the Super Bowl!

January 28, 2011

By Duke Fanelli, CMO at the ANA

So, I was thinking the other day about the people I have invited to my upcoming Super Bowl party. It's going to be quite the event! As in years past, I put out the call, and there was no shortage of takers. Then it hit me, I had forgotten to invite my close friends and family. Knowing I had no more room indoors, I quickly found a solution: set up a 60-inch plasma TV on the patio, get a Port-O-John and invite this very special group of friends to almost join the festivities. This would be my way of thanking those that have stood by me in good times and bad. Of course, there would be limits to my largess. None of my "outdoor" guests would be allowed to come inside, and I'd close the curtains and lower the blinds so my "indoor" guests wouldn't be gawked at or disturbed. Oh Yeah, and, since I need to make a loan payment, I'm going to charge each of my good friends $200 as they walk in the door — or in their case, the back yard gate.

In my mind, that's sort of the plan at Cowboy's Stadium for Super Bowl XLV. They are going to take their best and most loyal customers — season ticketholders — and offer them a chance to watch the game outside the very stadium where they would normally be warming a seat. That seems wrong on so many levels.

The goal is reportedly to sell about 12,000 "party plaza" tickets ($2.4 million worth of bring your own lawn chair seating). So, it seems the question now is, whether attending an event where you can hear the distant roar of the crowd, the muffled voice of an announcer, and the distant sound of the Black Eyed Peas the next great marketing opportunity? Clearly, the sponsorship opportunities are limitless. Have we uncovered, or maybe created, a new consumer segment that is satisfied, no actually happy, and willing to pay, to almost make it through the turnstile? Imagine the excitement when this group of 12,000 arrive at their respective workplaces on Monday, February 7, and announce to their coworkers, "I was almost at the Super Bowl". What do you think? Is this an opportunity, a publicity stunt, or a way to help pay for the stadium?

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