Make your competition irrelevant

June 21, 2011

How often have we seen a politician box his or her opponent into a corner?  Happens all the time.  We say they framed what the voters would think about that opponent before the opponent had the opportunity to establish their position.

Can this learning help those of us in marketing?  I think so.  Isn't the job of marketing to make your competition irrelevant?  What can you do to reframe the question consumers are asking when they seek a brand that will satisfy their need? 

The reframing question we face is one of making our brand stand out from the crowd, or stepping up to make our brand the leader in a new category.  The Mini has reframed the concept of driving experience - but for only a few.  Their great car is small, has a quirky design, makes you feel young, and gives you a sense of performance without breaking your gas budget.  But it's not appropriate for a few, those who think small is great.

On the other had look at the number of brands that have truly changed the way customers think about the way they go about their lives.  Apple Ipod is a great example of reframing the game.  They put 10,000 songs in your pocket.  There was no other option.  They slammed the door on the competition and make the brand choice easy.

Don't just reframe the way your brand interacts with competitors, reframe the category space your brand competes within and make your competitors irrelevant.



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