Put Time On Your Side

July 22, 2011

Bread is made of only four ingredients: yeast, salt, water and flour.  So what is the variable that turns good bread into great bread? TIME.  Invest a bit of time and you will have a great tasting loaf.  By adding more yeast you can shorted the rising/proofing phase to two hours. You'll have bread but not great tasting bread.  Cut back on the yeast and let the bread sit for 16 hours, and that same loaf will taste so much better.

Too often we say, "I have no time."  So we often sacrifice great for good or acceptable just because we won't invest the time it takes to let learn, explore, research, investigate. 

Investing in training is in that category.  Too often we put off learning something new just because we are willing to invest the time.  Maybe it's TIME to change.

Learning is too important.  It does take time, but once you learn a new skill, how to use a new tool, gain the ability to see a problem in a different way, we give ourselves the ability to grow personally and professionally.  Your career growth is dependent on being able to have multiple abilities. Don't cut your growth opportunities short. Find the time to learn something new.

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