Old Ways Can Still Work – sometimes even better than new ways

July 26, 2011

Woodworkers had no option 50 years ago - they made everything using hand tools. Today there are electric sanders, shapers, table saws, planers and jointers (they give boards a flat edge so they can be joined). With all of this power and capability one would think why ever use a hand tool to work with wood - well in a recent competition a woodworker using hand tools was able to smooth his boards faster and with less effort than a woodworker using power tools. It seems that when it comes to smoothing boards hand planes are far more efficient than electric sanders.

In how many other areas are the old ways, when used by experts, are still best? Training for instance - is typical classroom training where participants learn how to use tools to drive increased marketing performance passé? No way. When taught by an expert, one who has been there, done that, even seasoned marketing veterans can learn either how to use new tools, or how to use the tools they have better.

Learning new skills is certainly possible on the job, via the internet or eLearning programs, but there is no substitute for being in a classroom with your peers trying out new tools in a real life situation (working to solve the challenges of your own brand). This type of hands-on experience helps to hone your current skills or give you new "old" ones that will help you lead the charge.

Just because it's new doesn't make it better. In the case of training I would suggest you look for classes taught by people you admire and learn from the past. It will make you new.




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